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Engine Repair

Although today’s modern cars have greater engineering in the production of their engines, problems often occur. So when the engine light comes on don't ignore it, this will void costly repairs down the road!

Service 2

Electrical Issues

We have the specialized equipment and schematics on every American model along with the experience to trace out the kind of electrical problems that are every mechanics nightmare!

Service 3

Fluid Exchanges

Proper fluid levels and regular fluid changes are related to the vehicles performance and safety. To keep your cars warranty intact, flush fluids as the manufacturer suggests. Call to schedule your appointment!

Bill Ritchie Since 1979

Award Winning Team.

Bill Ritchie Automotive

With over 40 years’ experience in Auto Repair, and specializing in auto electric, no one has the knowledge and experience that Bill Ritchie does. As a downriver business owner for many years, Bill and his wife Nancy have owned and operated many different businesses over the past decades.

Bill Ritchie - Vehicle Wiring Specialist, has been featured in numerous Hot Rod magazines and Cruise News publications. 40 plus years as a Downriver Business owner has taught Bill what it takes to make his customers happy!

With exceptional knowledge, skills, and a desire to be treated as they would wish to be treated, Bill and Nancy Ritchie have dedicated their businesses to providing the highest standard in customer service.

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Towing Available Call for info 734-479-1452

Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Night Drop Available

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We offer all your automotive services. Call us today!


Bill Ritchie is known for solving electrical issues where many cannot diagnose it. Call today we will make sure your car electrical issues are a thing of the past.


We have certified mechanics with over 75 years experience, see why Bill Ritchie is know as the king of electrical issues.