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Service 1

Engine Repair

Although today’s modern cars have greater engineering in the production of their engines, problems often occur. So when the engine light comes on don't ignore it, this will void costly repairs down the road!

Service 2

Electrical Issues

We have the specialized equipment and schematics on every American model along with the experience to trace out the kind of electrical problems that are every mechanics nightmare!

Service 3

Fluid Exchanges

Proper fluid levels and regular fluid changes are related to the vehicles performance and safety. To keep your cars warranty intact, flush fluids as the manufacturer suggests. Call to schedule your appointment!

Suspension Services:

Bill Ritchie Automotive

Your car’s suspension is a system of springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connect your vehicle to its wheels and support its weight. The vehicle’s ability to absorb shock, maintain contact with the road surface and its cornering ability are all dependent upon the suspension. Suspension can be optimized either for performance (think: sports car) or a comfortable, smooth ride (think: luxury car). Most cars offer some balance between the two because physics just doesn't allow for both.

Car Brakes Maintenance:

Bill Ritchie Automotive

Bill Ritchie is serious about our brake repairs. We have equipped our location with the latest equipment available for all make and models. We also offer high-quality parts and same day services, also while you wait in some cases.

Tune Ups:

Bill Ritchie Automotive

Our Tune Ups Include:

Fluid Changes:

Bill Ritchie Automotive

Transmission Fluid: Dirty or deteriorating transmission fluid can cause transmission problems. Changing your transmission fluid on schedule helps protect against rust and wear and costly transmission replacement down the road.

Oil: To keep your engine running newer and longer change your oil and filter every 3,000 miles according to manufacturer's recommendations and driving conditions.

Brake Fluid: Changing the brake fluid at regular intervals will reduce deterioration in the hydraulic parts associated with corrosion.

Coolant: To operate safely and effectively, your radiator should be kept clean, free of leaks, clear of blockages and filled with the proper coolant. Coolant should be changed regularly according to manufacturer's recommendations.

Engine Repairs

Bill Ritchie Automotive

Although today’s modern cars have greater engineering in the production of their engines, problems do occur and may arise. A free of charge engine checkup is always offered with us. We here at Bill Ritchie Auto Services have the latest tools and equipment to repair all of your engine needs. From leaking seals and gaskets, oil pumps, valve train, to complete engine replacements and overhauls.